How the best custom suits in Sydney are made

Both Mitchell Ogilvie in Brisbane, and Richard Bowman in Sydney, had a dream; to bring the finest suits and tailors together to make the best custom suits Sydney has to offer. That kind of dream – and success – doesn’t happen overnight. Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring in Sydney is the product of decades of dedication and experience in the art of suit making.

Both Mitchell Ogilvie and Richard Bowman Menswear are known for basing their business and work on authentic relationships and quality service, and that’s how we start the process of making bespoke suits for Sydney locals – with careful consultation and a deep understanding of what customers want in their suits.

Our customers start by dropping in to our private showroom at 350 George Street, right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We offer a complimentary consultation to all customers to help those who aren’t sure about what kind of suit they’re looking for, and at that point we start to discuss design, fabrics, and options for the suit. One of the great things about custom suits that Sydney locals love is the personalisation available, and that’s something we fully embrace at Mitchell Ogilvie, with a staggering range of options available.

Next comes the measurements! We carefully measure every metric to ensure a perfect and enduring fit. You’ll need to dedicate some time for the measurements – we generally request one hour of our customer’s time to make sure we’ve got the perfect measurements.

Once that’s done, we send the details and measurements off! Because we source the materials from the finest cloth mills in Europe and the UK, and then have it send to our expert tailors to create your suit, this stage in the process generally takes three weeks. If you need your suit sooner, then please let us know right at the outset, so that we can discuss alternative options like our off the rack offering.

And then the suit arrives! Of course we take one final session to check the fitting and complete any small adjustments that need to be made. After some small alterations done locally in Sydney, we will have you walking out the store in your perfectly fitting suit.

The success of our business – and the reason that we’ve quickly become known as the place to go for the best custom suits Sydney-wide – is because we are fully transparent at every stage in the creation process. You’ll be able to contact our team for updates, and if we need to make any decisions about your suit, we’ll make sure that you’re happy with it before we proceed.

While you’re in the showroom getting yourself ready for a new bespoke suit, why not check out our full range of shirts and accessories. What can elevate the design and comfort of a bespoke suit even further is the right shirt, cufflinks, and pocket squares, and we have an extensive range of each.

When it comes to custom suits Sydney locals know what they want: the personal touch, transparency, and the highest of standards. All of which is Mitchell Ogilvie’s specialty.