A Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Suit?

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 What do men need to know before buying a suit for their wedding? What different suit options are there? Are things like material choice important? What else needs to be considered?

 A complete guide to finding the perfect wedding suit, this article has been created to inform and support the rookie groom and groomsmen in the process of getting suited up for their big day!

 Many brides picture the planning of their wedding like a scene from a romantic comedy. The “surprise” proposal, followed by cake tasting, ring shopping and endless flowing champagne surrounded by layered tulle dresses….. On the other hand, most grooms never picture or dream of their wedding at all…

 There is a huge amount of work that goes into planning this once in a lifetime occasion and more often than not the bride takes the running on the key decisions; the venue, the service, the colour scheme, the flowers, the invitations, the dance classes and the list goes on.

 Soooo... wouldn't it be nice to confidently call the shots when it comes to your wedding suit,  from the initial research to tying your own bowtie on the big day? At Mitchell Ogilvie Tailoring we believe the groom’s attire, like the bride’s gown, should be a statement of your style on the day.